We've answered some frequently asked questions about retirement homes to make your journey easier.

You may have questions about retirement living in Newfoundland and Labrador, please see below for a compiled list of answers. We're here to help.

If we haven't answered your question feel free to contact us, we're more than happy to help.

we're here to help

We've compiled a list of some of some of the most commonly asked questions, if you have anything you would like answered please contact us.

What is Kingsway Living?

Kingsway Living is a collection of Personal Care Homes & Independent Senior Apartments with homes perfectly located in Newfoundland. Our focus is on putting seniors first by offering upscale living at affordable rates, our communities have best in class services and amenities. We've grown to be one of Newfoundland's largest and most trusted retirement living operators by placing a high value on integrity, respect, and care.

To learn more about our business read our about us page.

We have locations from the Avalon peninsula to Central NL, to see a list of all of our locations click here.  

Is Kingsway a nursing home?

We are not a nursing home, we provide support and services for those seeking independent living, assisted living, and respite care, offering a flexible lifestyle along with care. We do not offer long term care options.

Our levels of care include level 1, 2, and Enhanced.

How much does it cost?

We’re proud to offer the luxury services and amenities at the subsidy level pricing, that means we charge the same rate as other homes within the province.

Something to consider when reviewing pricing for our communities is that aside from the cost of renting a private suite, the monthly rate includes personalised care, meals, utilities, housekeeping and entertainment.

To speak about pricing at your nearest community contact us.

What if I can't afford the rate?

If a guest cannot afford the subsidy rate, no need to worry, there are options! We’re part of the Personal Care Home Program, which means financial subsidies apply in our communities. Individuals who require financial subsidies need to contact their Health authority to request a financial assessment.

We always recommend you reach out to one of managers before starting any process, as they are experts in their field and can help make the process as easy as possible. Contact us.

We’ve compiled this handy PDF that explains the process for entering a Personal Care Home including physical assessments and financial subsidy, complete with the phone numbers you need to get started! 


How do I get started?

Glad you asked! Your first step would be to contact one of our communities and book a tour, there you can speak with one of our managers and discuss your unique situation. Our managers are experts in their field, they can help you get started and make the process as seamless as possible.

After your initial visit you would need to contact your regional health authority for a health assessment and–if a subsidy is needed–contacting the appropriate group.

We’ve compiled this handy PDF that explains the process for entering a Personal Care Home including physical assessments and financial subsidy, complete with the phone numbers you need to get started! 


How does payment work?

Residents are charged on a monthly basis for the care provided. Residents will be charged the same amount each month, rates are in line with the subsidy availability. Monthly rates include; personalized care, furnished room, meals & snacks, housekeeping, laundry service, wi-fi and so much more. Residents who elect to have TV and cable will be charged for this service on a monthly basis.

During the admission process an electronic funds transfer (EFT) form is completed and submitted to our accounting team, the monthly rent is automatically received, hassle free!

How does the meal service work?

We offer three home-cooked meals per day, based on our chef’s recommended meal plan in conjunction with the prescribed meal plan guidelines from government health organisations. If residents do not like what is being served on a specific day we're more than happy to offer an alternative.

Our menus are also posted for each week so that residents know what's being served and families may join their loved ones for a meal.

Feeling hungry in between meals? Our residents are always welcome to enjoy snacks during the day and at night! There's always fruits, muffins, juice, tea, and coffee available for our residents.

Do the rooms come with furniture?

At Kingsway we ensure our residents move into a cozy and comfortable space! Rooms have beds with fresh linens and pillows, dressers, drapery, and toiletry. Suites have televisions, and are wired for cable and phone (additional charges apply), as well all of our retirement homes are fully equipped with Wi-Fi free of charge.

Many of our suites feature nurse call systems, built-in dressers, recliners, and fridges. Reach out to us to find out what's included in your next room!

For guests seeking to manage their own medication a lock box is provided.

Can I bring my own belongings?

Certainly, this is our residents home! We encourage residents to bring possessions that bring them joy, the furniture they love, and personal belongings they don't want to part with. To note, we ensure that every room is properly stocked for comfort and enjoyment, though if residents would prefer their own belongings we can ensure there is the space for these items.

Please note all items brought in will need to comply with our safety standards.

How do I know which lifestyle option is right for me?

We offer three stages of care for a broad range of needs, these include independent living, assisted living, and respite cares. Clients current needs identify which lifestyle option would work best for themselves. We always recommend speaking with one of our managers about a customised solution. Contact us.

What happens if my needs change?

Kingsway Living offers assistance for a broad range of lifestyles, should your needs change we have the care team in place to help continue enjoying our services, we can care for clients with care needs ranging from level 1, 2, and Enhanced.  

If a resident and/or family feel there is a change in care needs the staff at our home, in conjunction with the regional health authorities, will complete a re-assessment to officially change the level of care which is then updated in the resident care plan. This helps our guests receive a care plan perfectly suited to their current needs.

Can I try this commitment-free?

We have developed short term stay packages throughout the year so that guests can try our services for a short time period–obligation free!

The Winter Stay Package is a flexible, 1-6 month, stay-cation within one of our communities. Guests can enjoy our services and amenities throughout that time period, this includes personalised care,chef inspired menu, recreational activities, regular events, and more! Part of this stay may be eligible to be covered under a subsidy.

Contact us to learn more.

What is Respite Care?

Our Respite Care Plan is our year-round,one-month plan, where residents can enjoy our services and amenities to the fullest, this includes personalised care, chef inspired menu, recreational activities, regular events, and more! Part of this stay may be eligible to be covered under a subsidy.

Contact us to learn more.

Should I move into a Kingsway community if I am active and healthy?

Our goal is to offer physical and mental wellness, we offer community programs, regular recreation, and tons of opportunities to socialise. Our senior living communities are great opportunities to join a social environment where there’s always something going on! Many of our residents are young at heart and simply enjoy no longer having to worry about cooking, cleaning, shovelling, and yard work.

Can couples live together?

We’re happy to provide the space for couples to continue to enjoy their lives together, we offer rooms for couples to live together. Many of our communities have been chosen by couples seeking care and comfort, we offer the independence to continue as though in their own home.

Couples who have different levels of care can also stay together in a comfortable and safe environment, enjoying new stages of life together and receiving care specific to each of their needs.

Am I able to have a private room?

Yes! We’re proud to offer private rooms at subsidy pricing. Our clients have their choice of living by themselves, with a spouse, or community living. As well as private rooms most of our locations feature private washrooms equipped with a vanity and shower.

Ask us about the types of rooms available in a community near you.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, at this moment pets are not allowed in Kingsway locations. We understand that pets are an important part of our resident’s lives though and we welcome them into our community through visits from family members. Feel free to have them drop in any time!

We also have therapy dogs join us in all of our locations.  

Will I become less independent?

Your independence is completely in your own hands! We offer assistance for care needs, housekeeping, meals, and recreation to improve the lives of our guests who are free to participate in what they would like and leave out anything they don’t.

Can I keep my car?

Yes! We know that for many individuals a vehicle helps them maintain their independence and relationships. Many of our residents enjoy their regular outings and social commitments and thus keep their vehicle to maintain their lifestyles. We encourage all residents to maintain their independence and choice of lifestyle.  

What is the age limit to live in a Kingsway community?

Kingsway Living communities have been designed with retirement living in mind, though there is no minimum age requirement.

Our communities are designed to support a broad range of lifestyle needs and changes, to help residents "age in place".

What kind of activities are there?

We have recreation directors in most of our communities as well as guidelines for all of our communities’ recreation programs to ensure a consistent experience within Kingsway Living.

We have daily exercise, games,and weekly/monthly events. Our events include shows, bands, and faith-based activities throughout each month. There are also events for Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, and other holidays throughout year.

We offer resident baking programs, weekly movie nights, and more! Ask your community what their recreation program looks like, we'll be happy to send you a schedule for the month.

Are families welcome to visit?

Most definitely! We welcome families to stop in at any time that is convenient for them, in some of our locations we also offer spaces where families can enjoy privacy together to watch a movie or have a meal, ask us how.

We ask that families and friends respect quiet hours, which are from 10 pm to 6 am daily.

How do I bring and administer my medication?

We connect with local pharmacies to intake our resident’s medication and manage it, this is a complimentary service we provide. If you do not wish to switch to the pharmacy we use, you could stay with your own pharmacy and manage your own refills and orders.

Some residents wish to maintain independent medication administration, this is absolutely acceptable.  We would provide you with a keyed lock-box for safe-storage of your medications in your room and ask that you keep all medications inside the locked box at all times.

How does Kingsway handle clients personal information?

In an effort to provide the best service for our clients we ensure that all communications,whether in person or by email, are kept strictly confidential. Written documents are sorted and placed in confidential filing cabinets and email servers; you can remain confident your information is never shared in any way with outside parties.

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