The Lighter Side of Senior Living Through a Crisis

Kurt Dunphy  |
March 26, 2020
|  5 minute read

In light of a tense few weeks we gathered up stories from our communities showing the lighter side of senior living.

From Eastern to Central Newfoundland our homes haven't missed a beat, thanks to passionate team members and lively residents. Each of our homes are making the most of their time in their own unique ways.

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Grand Falls-Windsor's Green Thumb

Our Grand Falls-Windsor community is discovering it has a bit of a green thumb. A couple weeks ago they started planting some greenery.

Lucky for these budding gardeners, we get a ton of light in the home! Check back in to see how their plants turn out as we get closer to summer.

Gardening in our Grand Falls-Windsor senior living community. Pictured are our residents and team member.

The Celebrations Must Go On

By the time St. Paddy's day rolled around this year there wasn't anything that could stop our folks from enjoying themselves.

Even though our communities weren't allowing outside visitors our team made the most of it with decorations, a small event, and green snacks.

Everyone felt lucky.

St. Paddy's day in our Grand Bank and Baccalieu communities. Pictured are our residents.

Through the Looking Glass—Family Members Stop In

You can never underestimate the bond between family.

All of our communities have visitor restrictions in place, so family members from all of our communities found creative ways around these rules. They stopped into the homes and visited their loved ones through their windows! 

We now have iPads in all of our communities, want to FaceTime a loved one? Send us a message, our Managers are more than happy to help out!

Family and community visit Grand Bank, Springdale, Baccalieu, and Grand Falls-Windsor.

Messages of Hope from our Seniors

Our seniors took to social media to get their messages of hope into the community.

Our Grand Bank residents shared wise words on their whiteboards, Baccalieu sent hopeful messages on their windows, and Grand Falls-Windsor folks hand-wrote some heartfelt thoughts.

Whichever way they chose to communicate their message, it worked! These messages reached thousands of people, and with CBC's help, reached the whole province.

Residents share powerful messages from Baccalieu, Grand Bank, and Grand Falls-Windsor.

A Teddy Bear Parade

In Lewisporte we were lucky enough to have a parade stop in! 

Our Manager, Tammy, connected with the community and coordinated a parade for our residents.

The community came together and gave our residents a show, over 100 cars showed up, plus bear costumers. The residents loved it.

Lewisporte community entertains Kingsway Lewisporte with Teddy Bear Parade.

Our Big Fun Kingsway Wedding

And, last but not least.

This happened at the beginning of the month, before the virus affected operations.

We had the opportunity to host a wedding between residents in our Grand Falls-Windsor. The lucky couple met years back while living in another retirement community, they had recently move into our home together.

Once here they took the plunge and decided to tie the knot! Our recreation director, Tiffany, helped them plan the whole event.

Family members, folks from the community, and residents joined for the celebration.

This was such a special event and a first-of-it's-kind at Kingsway. We're so happy they chose our home to celebrate their special moment.

Love knows no bounds! 

Wedding in Grand Falls-Windsor, the lucky couple are pictured along with residents.

And that wraps it up for this months recap from your favourite retirement communities.

Stay in touch with the latest from all communities by following our Facebook page.

Also, if you're looking to make the most of your time indoors, read up on our best practices for keeping memory strong and defending against dementia.

Until next time!

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