Seniors, Mental Health, and COVID-19: A Talk with John Abbott, CEO of CMHA NL

Kurt Dunphy  |
April 25, 2020

Last week we sat down with John Abbott, CEO for the Canadian Mental Health Association's NL Division to discuss everything about seniors and their mental health through COVID-19.

John has spent the last few decades working to further the field of mental health, leading the Toronto based Health Council of Canada before his role as Deputy Minister of the Department of Health & Community Services in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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There was a lot to chat about in light of the recent situation. And, tons of actionable advice that you can use right now.

John had some excellent ideas on how seniors can adapt to the current situation and plan for what may lay ahead.

We've put together some notes below along with time stamps to skip to the section of your choice! We've also linked to CMHA's website, full of useful resources, at the bottom of this page.

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  • [1:58] John and his team during COVID-19
  • [4:22] John's career and the journey to become the CEO for CMHA
  • [7:04] What seniors can do right now if they're isolated
  • [10:48] Adding value to your mental health
  • [13:46] The current conversation around seniors and mental health
  • [16:32] Resources for seniors to better their mental health
  • [18:02] CMHA and their upcoming mental health training program
  • [19:39] How seniors care providers can better detect mental health problems
  • [20:48] How to better transition from your own home to senior living
  • [27:27] COVID and Snowmageddon
  • [28:55] Exciting developments in mental health space and how Newfoundland are doing in the space
  • [33:22] Advances happening in mental health
  • [35:51] Countries and provinces that are doing great work
  • [36:17] Newfoundland emerging as leaders in mental health
  • [37:18] Addressing the special needs of our seniors
  • [41:17] Advice for the senior living industry to be better stewards of mental health
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