The Lighter Side: Spring Senior Living to the Fullest

Kurt Dunphy  |
May 4, 2020

We're back with a recap from last month at your favourite retirement living communities.

It's been a big month! Easter made it's way through our communities, the budding botanists are seeing success, Springdale is recruiting a new kind of resident, and ... an ice cream truck?

Though we're still on lock-down, you would never guess it with what the team has been up to, our communities haven't missed a beat.

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They Grow Up So Fast

Last month the crew at our Grand Falls-Windsor community had started a new, botanical, tradition. They started planting seeds to grow greenery in the home.

We're now getting our first few glimpses of their progress. The TLC this group is putting into the project is shining through.

So far so good, gang!

Gardening continues in our Grand Falls-Windsor senior living community. Pictured are our residents and their green creations

A Hop, Skip, and Jump into Spring

Our Recreation Directors from around the province donned the fluffy suit for Easter, passing out chocolate goodies to our residents and putting a smile on their face.

Easter baskets were delivered to our residents, and—of course—we had a nice turkey dinner.

Easter making it's way through communities around the island.

Worship going Digital

The time spent with worship and faith-based services is something precious to our seniors, especially during these uncertain times.

We're so happy to see church groups taking the digital route, providing services over Facebook live, Skype, and other providers.

Keeping these routines has made this time easier for folks. We tip our hats to these organisations for making such a difference in the lives of our residents.

Here's a photo of our Grand Falls-Windsor community enjoying their sermon.

Grand Falls-Windsor community enjoying time for worship

It's a Digital World After All

Social distancing doesn't mean to stop communicating. Last month we brought iPads into our homes to help residents reach out to loved ones.

Many residents have been able to see family members that live in other provinces or communities, some they may not have seen in some time.

Residents have embraced this new technology and it's been amazing to see.

Want to video chat with a loved one? Send us a message, our Managers or Recreation Directors are more than happy to help out!

Residents in our Grand Falls-Windsor community talking with loved ones over FaceTime.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for...

Yes, the rumours are true, for a short time our Baccalieu community had an ice cream truck.

The team outdid themselves last month, retrofitting a scooter into a fully-fledged ice cream machine, passing out frozen treats all day.

To say the residents enjoyed it would be an understatement, no one saw this coming!

Amazing communities happen because of the dedication of amazing team members.

Baccalieu's ice cream truck.

The Bakery Never Closes

When you're home to so many amazing Nan's you can be sure there will always be more baked goods than you can handle.

These lovely ladies from Lewisporte made goodies for the whole home! All of the residents were surprised and delighted with an assortment of sweets.

Tough times made easier thanks to kindness (and sugar).

Residents in Lewisporte bake goods for the community.

Some Unique Residents Joining Us Soon

While the gang in Grand Falls-Windsor are discovering their green thumb, the crew in our Springdale community are scratching their bird-watching itch.

The team was building bird houses last week for their local feathered friends.

We can't wait to see what they attract with these handsome houses. Stay tuned!

Kingsway Springdale builds bird houses.

And that wraps it up for this months recap from your favourite retirement communities.

Though these are tough times, when you have an amazing team of care staff and some fantastic residents, life is made a little easier. We couldn't be more proud of our communities.

Stay in touch with the latest from all communities by following our Facebook page.

Also, if you're looking to make the most of your time indoors, read up on our best practices for keeping memory strong and defending against dementia.

Until next time!

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